Tuesday, February 25, 2020

A Different Kelly

It's amazing what a few years in Springfield will do to change your way of thinking.

Take Brendan Kelly for example. Only a few years ago he was running for Congress here in Southern Illinois and stood toe-to-toe with his Republican opponent in defending the second amendment. He thought there could be improved background checks on people who were mentally ill, preventing them from gun ownership. A conservative view….

But he was talking a different game last week in the capitol. Kelly lost that race for Congress and needed a job. The Democrats in the form of the governor found one for him as the Director of the Illinois State Police.

Last Thursday Kelly did his party’s bidding in full throat support of a bill  which would force anyone owning a gun to get fingerprinted after they paid substantially more for their Firearm Owner’s ID card.

This is all in response to a mass killing in Aurora last year.  It was later discovered the killer lied about his criminal background to get a FOID card which he used to buy the murder weapon.

No mention of the failed background check. Just a stronger attempt to make it harder for people to realize their constitutionally guaranteed right to bear guns.

Kelly never mentioned fingerprinting or increased fees when he was on the stump for Congress. But he did remember who got him a job after he lost.  J.B. Pritzker came through with a paycheck. The Governor, by the way, says he will sign Senate Bill 1966, if it gets through the legislature.

In a very short period of time, Brendan Kelly has changed his mind. 

Springfield will do that to you.