Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving


There are so many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Let me take a shot at a few that come to mind.

Even with a nation struck with a lingering virus, we continue to thrive. There are still many nets that protect the poorest among us. Here in Fairfield, Feed My Sheep Soup Kitchen is just one example. The richest country in the world provides for its own. And while there are many detractors to organized religion, our local churches care for the less fortunate, both locally and worldwide.

The virus has thrown many of us for a loop. It has challenged our local businesses and service organizations. But we will weather it. We will weather it in the same way our ancestors weathered world wars and societal unrest.

If someone asked me---Mike---what are you thankful for?

The answers would be plentiful. I was blessed with great parents who taught me to have a grateful spirit. I have healthy children and grandchildren. We will mourn the loss of our daughter Rachel until the end of time. But we know she is in a better place.

Carol and I both are most grateful for the work we have been able to do in our careers. I will put my microphone on the shelf come Monday.  My work here was a mission and that mission is complete. I’ll have more to say later, in my last commentary next Monday

We love this community and want to continue by giving more of our time and passion to make it better. For me, this is the day of the year when  I count my blessings.

…and there are so many.

(The final broadcast of Talk isn't Always Cheap will air on WFIW-WOKZ on Monday, November 30th. The blog will live on...but not on a daily basis.--MD)