Tuesday, August 11, 2020



Today I come to you from high atop my Mancave, in the alley between 1st and 2nd street. I’m broadcasting from my personal studio, with a bird’s eye view of the Christian Church and the rear of Fairway Apartments. I’m not at  the radio station because my wife woke up yesterday morning not feeling well.

She detected a low grade fever but no other symptoms. She nonetheless reported promptly to Fairfield Memorial Hospital for a COVID-19 test to be on the safe side. I did not realize those test results now take three-to-four days.

She contacted me to say the hospital advised her to self-isolate. I joined her so we could protect our friends and co-workers. That, in our view, was the responsible thing to do.

Other things we did…

I asked all employees to have the studios at the station sanitized. We called our friends and family to tell them we were isolating.

This isn’t frightening to us. We will both go about our daily routines and do our jobs while we wait for the results. Our work will just be done at home, where we can make sure the buck stops with us.

And that means the radio station has been locked down for the time being. Guests have been uninvited and our lobby is closed.

Isn’t it amazing? We live in a time when a low grade fever in the wife of the boss is capable of ricocheting through so many lives. There will be some who will think this is an overreaction.

We don’t.